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The Boston Phoenix
Read Brett Milano's interview with Ginny Weaver for the 2000 Best Music Poll issue.

Billboard Magazine
"The Great Indoors is a blend of bright riffs, heavy basslines, and sweet yet melancholic vocals." Read review.

The Boston Phoenix
"The 60-minute headlining set the band performed during their sold-out CD-release party upstairs at the Middle East last Saturday seemed to rush by in the bright, thrilling whirl of sonic sparklers, pinwheels, and other exploding party favors the band conjure on their luminescent new album, The Great Indoors. Replete with hazy, head-buzzing textures, and casually emphatic hooks that sneak up on you early and often, Indoors brings into widescreen focus the indie-pop manna the group's 1998 debut, Happylove, had only hinted at." Read review.

CMJ New Music Report
"On Star Ghost Dog's second full-length, The Great Indoors, the band makes having a case of ennui seem like an almost charming, glittering affliction." Read review.

The Improper Bostonian
"With 12 tracks of winsome indie pop and a downright discofied flair, The Great Indoors is destined to broaden the band's audience to the national scale." Read article.

The Boston Globe
"Star Ghost Dog's addictive new offering, The Great Indoors, reveals a deft pop sensibility." Read article.

The Boston Herald
"The Great Indoors is blessed with creative simplicity that revels in its memorable rock surprises." Read article.

Altar Native
"Star Ghost Dog create a haunting, melancholy vibe with The Great Indoors ... This album is a real gem." Read review.

CMJ Music Fest '99
"The bouncy beats and jangly guitars of these Boston natives are the epitome of perfect indie-rock."

Delusions of Adequacy
"This is a truly great pop album ... This band combines elements of Brit-pop and indie rock into a masterpiece that is already gaining them some recognition." Read review.

The Noise
"Pop music just doesn't get any better than the first two songs (on Underdrive)." Read review.

The Boston Globe
"Star Ghost Dog has a dreamily intelligent, alt-pop sound ... The music is hauntingly evocative." Read article.

Boston Magazine
"Star Ghost Dog's music is a blend of sweetness and needles: They couch stabbing lyrics in a bed of catchy innocence. Butterflies with teeth."

"Star Ghost Dog have been tearing up the CMJ charts lately and it's no surprise. Their 4 song EP, Underdrive, offers a pastiche of sonic flavors with enough melodic hooks to satisfy any college radio listener." Read review.

The Boston Phoenix, "Local Music Preview"
"Happylove is a sweet-and-sour pop gem that adds some subversive twists to an effervescent guitar-band sound. Singer Ginny Weaver's delivery is so charming that you barely notice the nasty wit in a lot of her lyrics. The bright guitar sound and abundance of hooks makes it all sound more innocent than it really is."

The Boston Phoenix
"Just when it seems that every possible catchy tune has been written, somebody comes along, writes a few more and convinces you that you've needed to hear them all along ... Star Ghost Dog are the latest example." Read article.

The Boston Globe
"'Plus de Vaches' and 'Downer' are smart pop tunes with a witty, subversive edge." Read article.

"This moody, clever album (Happylove) is a suitable elixir for those who've had it with tired alterna-rock cliches." Read review.

"Star Ghost Dog flourish a fine pop style on their debut album. With fluid, sure-stepping melodies sung mostly by Ginny Weaver and written by her with Brendan Lynch, Happylove is thoroughly addictive."

The Oracle
"Happylove has everything that much current indie rock doesn't. It's strong, flowing, and has something that almost anyone can find to like."

"What a pleasant surprise. With their firecracker debut, Happylove, Star Ghost Dog earns a shiny medal around its nifty collective neck. Quickly building to a tail-chasing pace, the opening 'Downer' is anything but -- with its sugary woo-whoo-woos bracketing Ginny Weaver's sleepy but insistent voice that tumbles through alienated poetics. At exactly three and a half minutes, it's likely perfect. A bouyant, heady meeting of the minds between washed-out polished basement rock and playful pop (a stoned Debbie Harry fronting Big Star, anyone?), Happylove is more grounded than the term suggests, but no less involving or endearing. Enjoy this puppy."
"They're young, they're cute, they write great tunes, they've got a sly sense of humor, and they know how it feels when love gets weird. Just a few reasons why Star Ghost Dog are becoming one of Boston's best-liked pop outfits." Read review.


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