Star Ghost Dog
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24-7: BOSTON MUSIC - Jan. 2000

Review of Underdrive EP

Star Ghost Dog have been tearing up the CMJ charts lately and it's no surprise. Their 4 song EP, Underdrive, offers a pastiche of sonic flavors with enough melodic hooks to satisfy any college radio listener. The first 2 songs are a preview of their upcoming release "The Great Indoors". Track 1, "Underdrive" is a Veruca Salt sounding indie-pop number that showcases Ginny Weaver's pixie like vocals and sugar sweet harmonies. The haunting and beautiful "Holiday" has SGD wearing their Throwing Muses influence on their sleeve. Next up is a 2 minute pop-punk number complete with "bop-ba-dap"'s to sing in the chorus... Pretty fun, but not as fun as their 80's New Wave style Dance Remix of "Plus De Vaches" complete with John Taylor inspired bass line and Luther Campbell samples. If you've ever owned any Duran Duran 12" singles (You know you did), you will be right at home with this Master Cylinder remix; if you're only into the latest in breakbeat science then enjoy it for the retro quality. With Underdrive as a teaser, SGD have thoroughly succeeded in whetting my appetite for their full-length album. I eagerly await the release of "The Great Indoors".

- Dustin