Star Ghost Dog
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The Improper Bostonian

Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2000 Issue

You may know them as a quirky pop band with a loyal local fan base.  And this was fairly accurate -- but once Star Ghost Dog's second full-length CD, The Great Indoors, is released this February 22, a new definition will be in order.  With 12 tracks of winsome indie pop and a downright discofied flair, this CD is destined to broaden the band's audience to the national scale.  Already, "Underdrive" has hit college radio and the CD has broken into the CMJ charts.

"We hear the disco thing a lot," says singer-guitarist Ginny Weaver, "and we were definitely going for something danceable.  I don't know if it's disco, but that's just fine if people want to call it that."  The CD took about a month to record, working both at Fort Apache with Matthew Ellard and in the Natural Bionics studio with Peter Ducharme, a.k.a. "Master Cylinder."  "We did our first record in five days," says Weaver, "so a month felt really luxurious to us."  She continues, "It was great working with Master Cylinder -- he's obviously really talented and he's also a good friend of ours."  One might think the band's live sound would differ substantially from the CD with its samples and polished production.  Surprisingly, it doesn't.  Well, get down on it -- this pop foursome is just getting started.