Star Ghost Dog
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THE NOISE - Feb. 2000

Review of Underdrive EP

Pop music just doesn't get any better than the first two songs on this teaser release from Catapult. Both are scheduled to appear on the forthcoming full-length The Great Indoors. If the other songs on the CD are of the same caliber as the percolating Stereolabish "Underdrive" and the woebegone, lush "Holiday," then it will undoubtably be a landmark in Boston pop and ought to get wide-spread attention nationwide. We can dream, can't we? It also might suggest to the cynical among us that this mini-CD is an independent local label's miserable attempt to waste laser-treated matter in the time-honored tradition of the major labels. I mean, if the two best cuts out of four will be released again anyway, why bother with this?

The answer: It's got the extended remixed version of "Plus de Vaches," man. Yeah, that's right, THE local remix of the last decade, formerly only on 7" vinyl, now finally available on the consumer-friendly compact disc format. You've danced to Master Cylinder's (yeah, he of Volkswagon commercial ditty fame) 10-minute Tom Tom Club-inspired rendition of the tune originally found on the Happylove CD as it's streamed forth from your radio. Now enjoy it in your turntable-less living room, in your car, or best of all, on a walk or run with your portable player. But don't sing "I just want to be your dog" on the chorus like I do. Those are not the words.

And before I forget, there's the previously unreleased track "The Only One" as well, which despite lacking the maturity of the two newer ones, is tasty enough with its irresistably chirpy "bup-a-dups" and Fuzzy-ish charm.

Can't say I didn't hear Star Ghost Dog's fabulous potential years ago when I got that cheaply produced cassette featuring "Heroin Face." But I would say that NOW, wouldn't I?

- Bob Dubrow